Munchies Bus

The Story

People are always asking us how we got started, and it's actually a pretty great story, so buckle in!!

It all started in West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playgrounds is where we spent most of our days. Chilling out max and relaxing out cool, and you know shooting some b-ball outside of the school. When a couple of guys came up with . . .

The Idea

Okay, Fresh Prince references aside, it all started with a visit to an old college buddy in Tampa Florida. One of the [future] owners, Hank Harrison, was visiting the other [future] owner, Xavier Ramos, to investigate a business opportunity. It turned out that business opportunity was a little on the shady side so they both decided it wasn’t a good investment for either of them which posed the question: What do we do now? Which led to another — and better — question: What do we love? Hank, being a native of Corpus Christi, said immediately, “Well, I love my city, and I’ve always had this idea to open a cool food truck there.” And as the night progressed and the intoxicants flowed, the idea struck them both like a bolt of lightning: “We’re going to open a food truck.”

And Munchies was born.

The Move

Almost everyone has a million dollar idea at some point in their lifetime, but most don’t act on it. However, these two guys proved to be the exception to that rule. As Hank made his way back to Corpus, he and Xavier kept in touch about their idea until finally Hank asked Xavier, “Are you down?” Xavier, not being one to beat around the bush, said, “Definitely.” Shortly thereafter, Xavier moved to Corpus Christi, Texas without having ever been to the Lone Star State, let alone the Sparkling City by the Sea.

Once in Corpus, the two began to pool their resources together in order to purchase a bus and get all the equipment needed to start their new food truck empire. One of the strengths of their partnership was that they knew they’d need help, so they reached out to their network and convinced some of their closest friends to also move to Corpus and help them out with the truck.


Craigslist Luck

Now that “The Bus” was almost completely outfitted, they needed to give it a facelift. Having never done something like this, the two thought, “Hey, let’s try Craigslist.” And as fate would have it, a local artist by the name of Jeremy Flores (AKA The Dask One) was traveling back and forth between Corpus and Austin and would be in Corpus for the next few months. Dask happened to check Craigslist and contacted Hank and Xavier shortly thereafter. Once they all met, they immediately knew they were a perfect fit for each other, and so the work began. After a month of work, the bus was finally finished, and not only was it a work of art, it also perfectly personified their dream. The little dream that started on a couch in Florida was now becoming a big reality in Corpus Christi.


First Night

After the bus was in working order and looking FANTASTIC, it was time to test the waters. The Munchies crew worked with a local brewery called Rebel Toad for their first real trial run. Filled with nervous excitement, the gang rolled into downtown Corpus Christi on The Bus, parked, and opened up shop for the very first time. With all of the build up and months of effort, after the first 30 minutes, the team had a bit of a “Now what?” moment, but not for long. Slowly but surely, the orders started rolling in! They bumbled around, ran into each other, and got confused a few times, but it was a rush like none other.

They had built this business from the ground up, and now were getting to see the fruits of their labor, while being rewarded with the smiles on everyone’s faces.

Munchies Bus was a hit!!


Spring Break

Riding high off of the first night’s success, the crew figured, “Why not take this party to the beach?!” With Spring break right around the corner, Munchies decided there was no better place than JP Luby Marker #206 to serve all of the people coming in from out of town to enjoy the best beaches in Texas! Needless to say, they had an amazing time, and once again, the bus was a hit! There are a few stories that probably aren’t appropriate to tell but the moral of the story is that Munchies hit its stride and was ready for the big times!



The Championship

After nearly 4 months of spreading the Munchies love all throughout Corpus Christi, the team was ready for a new challenge — and in a BIG way.

The Food Truck Championship of Texas was where the crew would really see what Munchies was really made of. There was just one little problem — How were they going to get thousands of dollars worth of food 8 hours away from their home base in Corpus?! But that turned out to be a fun problem to solve. Over 8 hours, a bunch of dry ice, and a very long night later, they were finally ready to put Munchies Bus up against the best food trucks from all over the state of Texas to see how they measured up.

The event was CRAZY!! The lines were super long, but Munchies stood up to the challenge. After it was all said and done, Munchies was 1 of just 5 food trucks that walked away with a trophy — a trophy that crowned Munchies Bus as one of the BEST Food Trucks in Texas!!


The Lifestyle – #MunchiesLife

Ten months later and still going strong, Munchies continues to push the envelope for food trucks just to show what really can be done. For us, it’s not just about the food truck, it’s about the lifestyle.

We stand for freedom and chasing the ever-so-tangible American dream in all of its glory.

We work hard to bring something new and exciting to the table (literally) and we’ve had an amazing time doing it. We know countless people in our lives who have grand goals and ambitions and we want to show them that all they have to do is work hard to achieve them. Many of these people are our friends, families, and even our one-of-a-kind customers. We not only share a passion for great food, but we share a passion for living our lives on our own terms.

That’s why we created the Munchies Life clothing brand.  With this brand, we hope to spread the message that no matter what, live your life on your own terms.

Do what you love to do because when it comes down to it – no one else is going to do it for you.


The Future

We want to be the food truck that changed everything here in Corpus and beyond — not only in our personal lives but in the lives of those around us — in our city, in or community, and in the lives of people who care and really want to make a difference in this world. Munchies is a brand that seeks to empower people. It embodies the hunger (#gotmunchies) that is severely lacking in a lot of today’s society. We seek to be the resource that fulfills that hunger both with food and with knowledge (#feedtheneed).

Munchies isn’t just about a food truck. It’s about actively living the life you choose for yourself.

It all started with a dream and now this is our reality.

Now, it’s your turn . . .